DJ Robert Rhythm

Saturday, April 13th @ Uno Lounge (The Hub, Greenfield District) - Mandaluyong, Philippines

Friday, April 12th @ Uno Pizzeria (Mall Of Asia) - Pasay City, Philippines

Who is Robert Rhythm?
DJ Robert Rhythm, a.k.a. Robert Mattson, based in Chicago, remembers his love for music at the young age of 10. He took his first drum lessons then and looks to that moment as the starting point when music took over his world.

Throughout school he perfected the art of playing drums. He played to all kinds of grooves, and listened to songs over and over until each song was perfected. By the age of 15, he expanded his horizons and traded his drum set for a PA system and mixer. He later bought a drum machine and started recording his own beats.

By the age of 19, he was in and out of the recording studio. He sent in a few tapes to record companies and talent agencies, with minimal success. By 24, he was working full-time and had to put his musical career on hold.

Soon, a dramatic change altered his course when he met someone, who later turned out to be his best friend, at a popular mega-club in Chicago's Excalibur/Vision. It was at that point when he started getting serious with his music. He would frequent the club each weekend to make contacts, and enjoy dancing and listening to mingling with many world-class DJ's. He made it a point to learn the club scene and get to know the people quickly. His efforts took him to new heights and awoke the passion that was locked inside of him for years. He made it a point to study the art of producing and mixing.

Almost daily he scours through his list of music websites to look for new sounds concentrated in Progressive House, Trance, and French Clubhouse. Finding the best music out there is a passion for him and is also the driving force that gives him the ability to create different mixes of his own.

He joined with record label/promoter Spankin' Muzik in 2005 and eventually moved on in 2006 to start his own company, Full Fever Productions.

He has opened up for world-class DJ's such as DJ Dan, Carl Cox, DJ Lego, Marco Morales, and DJ Lady D just to name a few. He also has been a promoter in the past and was the first to bring in the highly talented female sensation, DJ Heavygrinder from California. Not only has he graced the decks in his hometown of Chicago, he has done other gigs in San Francisco (with DJ Agent A), Los Angeles, St. Louis, West Palm Beach and has even played overseas in the Philippines.

In 2010, he has already begun working with other record labels and plans to have new original work released soon. With his undying energy and passion for the love of music, he is one to watch out for.

Need a DJ for your next event?
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Ask yourself... how many times have you requested a song that the DJ doesn’t have? Or maybe the DJ noted your request but forgot to play it? This is a big problem for me, and I have found my own solution.

I am a computer programmer by trade and I have invested much of my time over the years creating software to keep track of songs using data from the Billboard Charts. The Billboard Charts ranks songs based on sales/airplay and reports the top songs each week. My software incorporates the following Billboard Charts:

Chart Name # Songs Reported Weekly
Hot Country Songs 60
Hot Dance Club Play 50
Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks 50
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The Billboard Hot 100 100

Below is a partial screen shot from the software:

When taking requests, my software incorporates a custom request list. When someone requests a song, the software puts the song in order of when it was requested along with who it was requested by as well as any public announcement to be made with the song, if needed.

I can search for songs by artist name, song title, year, peak position (on the Billboard Chart), genre, BPM (beats per minute), and key (used for harmonic mixing). In addition, I also include notable songs that were not on the Billboard Chart.

I have also invested a lot of time and resources in my gear and have the latest advances in technology. All of my music is stored on dual large capacity hard drives, just in case one hard drive fails. In the slim chance both hard drives fail, I also have my music stored on DVD’s. All of my music is in full, uncompressed digital quality giving you the best sound possible. I also have wireless microphones.

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